The team would like to thank all those who made the trek and this site possible.

All the generous and hospitable people that put us up, picked us up, fed us, prayed and thought about us, or that provided us with internet access so that we could check our email and send our diaries for the site. You all know who you are. Many of you have been mentioned in the diary. A list of all of you individually would be vast, and we would doubtless forget some, so we won't make one. You are in our thoughts. Thank you all.

All the Companies and people that provided much valued sponsorship to us, with funding, equipment etc. Links to their websites can be found here.

All those who have linked to our website, written articles, taken interviews, and provided this trek with valuable publicity, and to all those who have shared our journey with us online, emailed us or sent us the photographs that you took.

All the many people that have so far pledged or paid donations for the landmines charities, and all those that will do so. Thank you. What you have done/are doing is the prime reason for this trek. Your money will help clear landmines and save lives.

All those without whom this website, with its constant diary updates, and Japanese translations would not have been possible. You have provided us with a face and helped spread our message worldwide, documenting and covering our journey as it has unfolded.

  Website Developer, Project Co-ordinator, Media Relations

Japanese Translation Team
Translation Co-ordinator, English Consultant
Aidann Bowley

Josh Raub
Mihoko Shimada
Atsumi Suzaka
Ryohei Miyamoto
Kenichi Shibuya
Tomoko Abe
Chizu Fujikawa
Hiho Kobayashi

Webspace and Additional Coding

Japanese Correspondents

Terry Johnson

Mary Feeney
Thom James
Penny Beaton
Danielle Roche
Ian Martin

And to those at the charities themselves, who have helped to constantly provide us with the publicity and support that was needed (see contacts page for further details).


AAR Japan
ffinlo Costain
Barnaby Hopson
Alexandra Agalee
Seiji Konno
Arai Ayaka