A mine warning signNeutralising an anti-personnel mineKhum Siem was killed in 1998 when his ox-cart went over a mineA shepherd rushes to check his flock moments after a mine has gone offA POMZ blast mine and a PMO2 fragmentation mine from Cambodia Sadek Calaca, who lost his leg in Gorazde, learns to walk againMine victims cultivate their farmlandArtificial limbs at a prosthetics clinicKhem Khat lost his right arm and the sight in his right eye when he was chopping woodPoster identiying unexploded ordnance and landminesYuon Yath the youngest victim in his village lost his left leg whilst preparing a paddy fieldMounds of metal fragments from demined areas. Each one causes a 'false alarm', forcing the deminer to carefully check the groundAn anti-tank mineAn Afghan deminer carefully prods the ground to locate a suspected mineDetonation of a landmineInjured Afghan deminers are often re-employed in other sections of the demining programmeA collection of air-delivered 'butterfly' mine, in a pit for later disposalA mined school along the former confrontation line in Skipovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina