The Team

Tom Fearnehough
Then aged 26, recently completed an MSc in Marine Science.

Tom's appreciation for hiking and the mountains developed during his childhood in Japan. He has already climbed a number of the Hyakumeizan including Mt Fuji, which he snowboarded down. In his teens Tom became interested in long distance backpacking. Since then he has walked the Pennine Way, the West Highland Way and in the summer of 1999 he completed a 3-week solo trek up the Selenge River to Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia. Tom's desire to see the world free of landmines was strengthened when he saw the suffering they cause whilst he was in Cambodia carrying out research for his MSc.

Paul Briffa
Then aged 23, recently completed a BSc in Sports Science.

Paul's first experiences of hiking were weekend trips into the jungle during his school days in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. In a gap year between school and university Paul worked in an outdoor pursuits centre in Scotland. This job allowed him to develop his enthusiasm for the mountains, providing lots of opportunities to practice his mountaineering and climbing skills. Since then he has walked the West Highland Way, completed the Cullin Ridge, climbed in Spain and hiked in the Olympic Mountains of the US and the Valhalla Mountains of British Columbia.

Ben Davies
Then aged 22, recently completed a BA in Applied Social Science.

Ben has enjoyed the outdoors all his life. Early passions included Mountain Biking - at which he competed at national level - cross-country running and sailing. More recently his focus has turned to a wide range of outdoor activities, primarily mountaineering, climbing and camping. During a gap year between school and university, Ben also worked in an outdoor centre in Scotland, which facilitated his growing enjoyment of the mountains. He is presently instructing part time in an outdoor centre on the Wirral. Alongside university study Ben has engaged in officer training with the army which has enabled him to sharpen his camping skills and given him practice in carrying heavy packs for many miles.